Our Story

Hello, I’m Nadia Petrova, nutritionist and the founder of ONEconic bottles. I’ve dedicated my life to finding the truth about the relationship between food and health. And in the process I found out that it’s not enough to change only our health – we need to work on the one of our planet as well.  

And the simplest thing each of us can do everyday is use more reusable goods, versus single use bottles, cups, etc. So I started searching for something truly versatile that I could use on the go for everything I need, not just water. I wanted to use only ONE vessel for my latte to go, morning smoothie, after gym shake, etc. I also wanted it to be made of glass, but found only plastic and metal bottles… so finally we decided to create one.

A glass eco bottle with wide mouth that can be used for anything you need. 

And since I’m not only a nutritionist, but a woman with a sense of fashion and style, we designed it to be posh, sleek, minimalistic, empowering. Something that will make everyday moments beautiful and inspiring, ONEconic. 

So I’m truly honoured to share ONEconic with you – the dreamers, the bold ones, the fashionistas, the ones eager to change the world.

I hope you enjoy the ONEconic bottle on the go daily and share your
#ONEconicMoments with us.

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